Penis Envy mushrooms

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Penis envy magic mushrooms
Penis Envy magic mushrooms are the most potent variety of Psilocybe cubensis mushroom

Penis Envy (PE) magic mushrooms are a very unique and interesting variety of Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, with an equally unique and interesting history. This “strain” is colloquially known as the most potent Psilocybe cubensis magic mushroom variety, but unfortunately, due to the current legality surrounding shrooms, there are no easily accessible test results to confirm exactly how much more potent this variety is.

Several anecdotal reports have claimed that the experience elicited by consuming Penis Envy mushrooms is much more intense, visual, and euphoric than other magic mushrooms of the Cubensis species, and some have even analogized the experience to that which is elicited by other considerably “stronger” psychedelics like DMT or LSD. It’s theorized that this stronger effect is due to both a higher concentration of psychotropic alkaloids, and a higher ratio of psilocin/psilocybin (psilocybin metabolizes into psilocin, once it’s been consumed).

Penis Envy Mushrooms Effects and Characteristics

You may, after all this time, be wondering why this strain is called “Penis Envy.” 

To answer the first question that may come to mind, no, it does not have anything to do with Mr. Pollock’s endowment. It is simply because, when fresh, Penis Envy mushrooms strongly resemble a phallic object, or in other words, the mushroom looks like a penis, and a large one at that (hence the term “envy”). 

The visual characteristics of this mushroom variety include a large, thick, and exceptionally dense stem that is typically white in color, and an underdeveloped, bulbous cap that is distinctly more concave (rounded) than most other Psilocybe cubensis varieties. Additionally, the lack of a velum (veil separating cap and stem) often incites a bubbling mutation just below the mushroom cap that can look similar to a foreskin. Penis Envy mushrooms are also one of the densest varieties of magic mushrooms, and while they are typically shorter in height and smaller overall than other species, they still possess significant weight due to their density.

Penis Envy Shrooms Variations and Hybrids

The process of creating a mushroom strain hybrid involves inoculating grain or agar with two different mycelial mushroom cultures. These cultures will grow more or less individually from one-another, however the stronger culture will most often become dominant. When introduced to fruiting conditions, the vast majority of the resulting mushrooms will bear significant resemblance to mushrooms of whichever mycelial culture obtained dominance, however some mushrooms located where the mycelial cultures “meet” will have characteristics of both varieties. These mushrooms can then be propagated by tissue culture isolation, and over several generations of propagation and fruiting, then more tissue culture isolation can be refined to consistently display the “new” characteristics. 

Beginning in the late 1970s with Stephen Pollock, there have been several entheo-mycologists and genetics vendors who have performed culture isolation/crossing on the Penis Envy strain. This has resulted in several distinguishable sub-variants, such as Albino Penis Envy (Albino PF x Penis Envy cross), Penis Envy #6 (a mutation), Texas Penis Envy (Texas Orange Caps x Penis Envy cross), Penis Envy Uncut (a mutation), and Trans Envy (Transkei x Penis Envy cross). 

Albino Penis Envy and Penis Envy Uncut varieties
Penis Envy mushroom varieties: Albino Penis Envy (left) and Penis Envy Uncut (right)
  • The Albino Penis Envy variety has the milky white coloration of the Albino PF variety and its caps are sometimes tinged dark blue. Albino Penis Envy mushrooms are also smaller than Penis Envy mushrooms on average. 
  • Penis Envy Uncut magic mushrooms have a distinct physical feature which is that their caps do not open at all, even late in the mushroom’s maturity. Additionally, caps are distinctly darker than “regular” Penis Envy. They are also said to be the most potent of all of the Penis Envy varieties. 
  • Trans Envy magic mushrooms are a variety that has been isolated by a mushroom spore vendor named Spores Lab. They appear closer to a Transkei magic mushroom, with medium-thickness yellow-white stems (thicker than regular Transkei, but not quite as thick as PE), however, display the distinctly pallid cap coloration that PE is known for. This variety is also slightly less potent than other Penis Envy varieties, but definitely more potent than regular Transkei.  

While each of these mutations has different physical characteristics, the potency among all Penis Envy varieties is consistently higher than all other Psilocybe cubensis varieties.


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